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Back on Blast

Just finished crushing back.. this is my workout of the day!

Straight Arm Pull Downs-

3 sets

1 set x 20  50% 1 Rep Max 1 Set 12 reps 75% 1RM  1 set 6 reps 100% 1RM


Drop the flat bar down to the lowest setting on the cable pulley set

3 sets 50% of 1 Rep Max focus on the contraction more than trying to put up heavy weight

Machines rows 3 sets

Machine Lat Pull Downs 3 sets

Cable Rows 3 Sets

Cable Pull Downs

3 Sets Wide Grip

3 Sets Reverse Grip

Then for straight Biceps, cable curls build up to your heighest weight do as many as possible. then drop down hitting as many reps as possible

Rest for 5 minutes

Dumbbell curls

Biceps Curl Machine work up and then down to failure moving the weight to change the intensity but forcing as much blood in as possible.