//Exercise is Medicine for the mind

Exercise is Medicine for the mind

Exercise and Psychology-

While many people in America have been dealing with increasing stress, the best medicine for stress has always been exercise. The body reacts to exercise in many ways, there’s the hormones to keep homeostasis, the entire process of creating ATP and then the hormones make a person feel happy. The production of Endorphins is put into overdrive, this makes the person exercising at an elevated level to feel happy. There may be doubt as to whether someone who is depressed would want to exercise, but once they begin they will begin feeling the positive effects of exercise. Finding a proper prescription to help build motivation to exercise has been great for these subjects. People with post traumatic stress disorder have also benefited greatly from exercising. Many of the soldiers who have been wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan have returned to participate in exercise. Many of these people have taken up CrossFit, which has helped them to return to a healthy life mentally and physically. While there have been no studies done exactly, relating CrossFit and Wounded Warriors, there are many posts across the internet showing the correlation between CrossFit and veterans. (15)  Exercise helped these people who were majorly injured and depressed about their new circumstances. These people were able to bounce back and live a happy and full life despite the injuries that they sustained.

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