//The Comeback: Part 1 – My Weapon of Choice

The Comeback: Part 1 – My Weapon of Choice

No need for lengthy introductions, I suppose.

Here’s what you need to know about me:

– I’m 41.
– I’m 6’8″
– I used to look like this:

– Then I did a bunch of stuff like this:

-And I ended up looking like this:

I went from 366.4 pounds, to 269.2 pounds in about nine months. That was eight years ago. In that time, I’m bounced between 315 and 270 on a rotating cycle. Never quite letting myself go, but also not quite committed.

Now again, I find myself somewhere in between. No energy. No passion. I’m getting older, slower, and less invested in any kind of life outside of working, and being a single dad. So today, I’ve made the decision to stop that.

I have specific goals that I want – no, need – to not just hit, but destroy. I want more from life. I want more drive and passion. I want more opportunities to LIVE and to enjoy it. And I know I’ll never get that by being a lazy, unmotivated piece of crap who works, comes home, eats like a fat pig, then watches TV until it’s time to go to bed.

There are certain roadblocks, sure. But nothing that you as a reader haven’t faced, I’m guessing. Budget? Can’t afford a gym right now. Time? I work 50+ hours a week, and when I’m not working, I’d Dadding. So keeping those things in mind, I went back to an old stand-by tool that I’ve used and loved in the past. Small, sits in the corner of my room, can use it anytime I need or want and anyplace in my apartment I so choose. Provides cardio with some resistance, and works most of my major muscle groups (not all, I know).

Ladies and gents, I give to you the 45-pound Kettlebell.

The details of the moves I plan to perform with this will come later, as will a focus on my diet choices, struggles, and victories.

This is day one of the comeback I’ve needed to make for over a year. A diary of the ups and down and trying to rebuild when you’re still wondering if it’s too late. It’s the story of a man who wants to build himself into the machine that he, his daughters, and life all need him to be. Follow along.

Day One:
December 15, 2017
311.0 Pounds (gross)

Weight Goal:
250.0 Pounds

Personal Goal:
The first ever shirtless pic of myself posted on the internet. To be completed on my 42nd birthday, six months and two days from today.