Welcome to TheGainzBank.com we are a new start up personal trainer company. I am studying to achieve my ACSM Certified Personal Trainer this fall. I am a student in Exercise Science and Technology at Oakland Community College. I have 4 years of being in the gym going through trial and error to put on 30 pounds. I also have deep knowledge of stress management, yoga, supplements and other health topics. My mission and the mission of my colleagues with this site is to help you become a healthier version of yourself.

While our name maybe Gainz Bank and make you think about GYM bros, we are here to help you with all of your fitness needs. We can guide you whether Male or Female on a healthier journey, we don’t just make gainz here. We are here to help you lose weight, become healthier, build more self esteem and achieve your goals. Along the way we’d like to make you feel better with jokes, motivation and rewarding you for your strong efforts. We give you deep knowledge on how to improve your health while attempting to make it understand and make sure you absorb it.