//The Science of CrossFit- Beginner’s Guide

The Science of CrossFit- Beginner’s Guide

So to begin, I have been an Exercise Science student for 2 years. I’ve been studying for the NASM CPT test hardcore but took a break to focus on my school work and my internship. I have been interning at a CrossFit box (GYM) in Troy, MI. As someone who spends a lot of time with bros and bodybuilders I was at first skeptical. But I wanted to challenge myself and see what CrossFit is all about. I went from thinking I had great health and fitness to being dominated by CrossFit, to the point I almost gave up. What I realized was, CrossFit wasn’t owning me it was my own injuries and imbalances. Plus lack of dedication to cardio and maintaining strong core strength. So before you begin CrossFit, you need to be prepared for it. You’re not going to go in and stunt all over people.


With anything in life, you can’t just walk into it and expect to be the top dog. You can’t just start playing Madden on the highest difficulty without ever playing it and expect to win. So when you decide you may want to take CrossFit classes, I would highly recommend you start building core strength at home prior. Not just crunches, but planks, normal and side planks. You’re going to be using your obliques in some of the movements and you want to be able to manage. There’s multiple core exercises like ab wheels and medicine ball moves.


You don’t need to be able to clean and jerk 100 pounds or dead lift or squat heavy as F. But you should spend maybe a week or so building some general overall strength so you can get the most out of CrossFit. If you already have a gym membership, you would want to use just high rep low to moderate weight. That would be 20 reps of something at say 25 to 50% of your highest weight you can do or 1 rep max. We will provide a link to 1 rep max calculators. The reason for this is you need to build muscular endurance, a lot of CrossFit is about scoring how many reps you did. We will break down more of it in


Before you workout foam rolling and flexibility is going to be part of your warm up. So you want to get familiar with using a foam roller at home, one can be picked up for 10 to 20 dollars at most department stores. You’re going to want to familiarize yourself with stretching all of your major muscle groups. I would recommend YouTube videos and material from this website to help you learn more and more about your body.

Now unlike what you would expect from my earlier articles, don’t panic! CrossFit is for anyone, any fitness professional can modify things for you to help make them easier. The movements can be broken down to make them easier for you and help you get on the path to being able to do the same movements as your classmates. But remember not everyone is the same, you can only do what you can do based on your body.